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E-commerce Trend on Real Estate

  Future of eCommerce Platform in the Real estate sector Ecommerce has changed the face of many businesses in its way like clothing, fashion, consumer goods such as electronics, mobiles and video cameras. But what has caught the eye of many business owners today is how ecommerce is slowly but definitely changing the face of one of the biggest industries in the world.  Trend is both an opportunity and threat. Depending on which side of the coin you are, it will either benefit you or you will be victim of the new sunrise Industry. The E-commerce industry is witnessing never ending inflow of funds inspite of the fact that they continue to incur losses much beyond their net worth. The e-commerce business is impacting real estate industry differently in many ways. When it comes to housing market, the higher than average salary including encashment of stock options is fuelling either purchase or renting of houses.  Many retailers are repurposing their existing real estate by finding new uses